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In search of the skinks
In Nov 2019 an A-Team of lizard experts from DOC, Wildlands consultants and volunteers search Mokomoko Dryland Sanctuary to see how many of the introduced grand and Otago skinks have survived their first year. 
Otago skinks on Meet the Locals
TVNZ 2010 Nic Vallance talks to Grant Norbury about the Otago skinks and the need for a predator free sanctuary. 
Duvaucel's Geckos on Meet the Locals
TVNZ 2010 Nic Vallance talks to Grant Norbury about the Duvaucal's gecko
Bringing Home the Lizards
In late 2018 Grand and Otago skinks were released into the 14 ha Mokomoko Dryland Sanctuary. Bradley White of Landcare Research created this beautiful film of the lizard's arrival in their dryland home. 
TVNZ at the Mokomoko opening 2009
See the first Otago skinks beling released, and hear what Mokomoko Dryland Sanctuary is all about.  
Opening ceremony and releases
Footage from the Mokomoko Dryland Sanctuary opening of the small fence in 2009
Grand and Otago skinks 2007
DOC's James Reardon talks to the Dancing Star Foundation about Grand and Otago skinks at Macraes Flat, Central Otago.
Keeping a Community Sanctuary
A behind the scenes look at the running of Mokomoko Dryland Sanctuary, from maintaining the predator proof fence and culverts to establishing vegetation, and including a discussion of where a small sanctuary like this fits within the bigger picture of conservation in New Zealand.